Opportunities for Workers

사역자 및 자원봉사자 모집안내




CIE교사: English, Science, P.E., 한국과목 전임교사

그 외:

행정, 재정, 주방, 기숙사부모, 기숙사도우미, 자원봉사


<사역자 지원절차>


1) 학교방문과 상담
2) WEC 선교사에 준하는 지원절차
3) 구비서류- 지원서, 간증문, 건강진단서 (자세한 내용은 학교로 문의해 주세요)

파트타임 및 자원봉사자:

1) 학교방문과상담
2) 본교소정양식 서류제출

세종글로벌스쿨은 학생들이 자국인으로서 정체성을 가지며, 세계 곳곳에서 자신의 은사와 재능을 통해 기여하며, 선교적 삶을 사는 그리스도인으로 성장하도록 교육합니다.


<Positions available>


English curriculum: English, Math, Science, I.C.T., Geography, History, R.E., P.E. at KS3 and IGCSE level
Korean curriculum: Korean, Korean History, Science, Social Studies, Math, Chinese


Administration, Finance, Kitchen, Dorm parents, Dorm helpers, General volunteers


<Application process>

Long-term Missionary Staff:

WEC or seconded from another mission agency (a minimum commitment of four years)
1) If resident in Korea: visit the school for an interview
2) If overseas: apply by email and interview by skype (or a possibly a paper process)

Volunteer Support Staff:

1) Short term applicants should register with WEC Trek
2) Please contact the WEC sending base in your country (or in the country nearest to you.)
o If in doubt please contact the school for details of who will process your application.

Sejong Global School educates students to have a positive identity as MKs, as well as encouraging them to embrace their national identity, thus allowing them to serve God with their gifts and talents worldwide, and live as missional Christians.